the reef

MYSTERIOUS LIGHT is the production company of writer, director, producer Andrew Traucki.
It is devoted to producing genre films that are commercial, artistic and highly entertaining. It specialises in the area of thrillers, comedy, horror, fantasy, sci-fi and action films.

Its core areas of expertise are:


Having produced the features Black Water and The Reef, Mysterious Light is across all facets of long form drama production. It knows how to simplify the production process and how to talk to government screen agencies.
Beyond this Mysterious Light is unique in that it understands that’s SFX can be done well on low budgets. It has the expertise and know how to be able to deliver brilliant SFX for a fraction of the going rate.


Whether its directing his own tales or as a freelance director Andrew understands directing. It’s all about storytelling, finding the most effective way to tell your story.
A director has to be able to hold onto their vision. They must have the stamina and passion to stay clear and focused for the entire filmmaking process.


Structure, character, structure. Character, structure, character. Polish.
Having been the writer/director on three long form drama projects that have found international recognition Andrew understands the real world demands on writing and getting a film made.

MYSTERIOUS LIGHT is happy to work on all three of these areas of drama production or to collaborate on a specific area alone.